Mastercard Amplifies the Sound of Safe and Secure Payment Through its Unique Sonic Branding

March 26, 2021 | Hong Kong

Mastercard reinforces efforts on providing fast, safe and convenient payment solutions to Hong Kong consumers and its support for SMEs

Mastercard reinforced its commitment to providing fast, safe and convenient payment services to Hong Kong consumers as well as small and medium enterprises by amplifying its award-winning sonic branding, accompanying payments with a sound that indicates cardholders’ successfully made payment. Now one of the most recognizable payment elements in the city, Mastercard’s unique audio brand brings the safety and security guaranteed to cardholders beyond the senses of touch and sight and into their ears and minds.

The Mastercard sonic branding, which topped the Best Audio Brands Ranking 2020 list, was most recently applied in Mastercard’s partnership with Spectra Technologies to launch SoePay SoftPOS, a solution that allows Mastercard card payments on any NFC-enabled Android smartphones. The sonic feature was first introduced to Hong Kong in 2020 alongside the Tap on Phone solution, in partnership with Dah Sing Bank and BBMSL (formerly known as BBPOS MSL).

The fast-evolving digital age continues to transform the way we live, shop and pay, calling for an audio strategy that is just as important as a brand’s visual identity. Mastercard’s unique sonic branding is critical to its distinctiveness and how people recognize the brand today and in the future. Through this highly recognizable sonic feature, consumers now have a highly personalized and contextually relevant Mastercard sound experience when making transactions in retailers or with SMEs such as restaurants, taxis, professional services, middle and small scale stores as well as other services.

The Mastercard melody was created with five principles in mind: being relatable and inclusive, passionate, surprising, delightful and captivating, which epitomize the attributes of the Mastercard brand. The feature also gives consumers peace of mind by signifying that their transactions are approved and their payments are secure.

From now until April 15, 2021, the Mastercard sonic branding will be featured on Spotify while consumers are enjoying their choice of music.

Get familiar with the iconic melody while experiencing the fast, safe and convenient payment solutions provided by Mastercard. Shop and pay with your Mastercard card now!

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