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Bon voyage to foreign exchange fees?

The startup Currensea is using open banking to power debit cards for fee-conscious travelers — and beyond.

Thoughts from an ‘urgent optimist’: How scaling prize-winning solutions could save the planet

‘The world doesn’t have an innovation problem – it has a speed-to-scale problem,’ says The Earthshot Prize CEO Hannah Jones. Prince William's 'moonshot' challenge could change that.

Why making payday any day can pay off for companies too

By harnessing the power of payroll as an asset, the U.K. startup Hi helps companies boost their liquidity and gives their employees more flexible access to their earned wages.

As travel takes off, how to put every destination on the map

Digitization and data insights can help small businesses and tourism agencies make the most of the momentum, says Mastercard Europe President Mark Barnett.

Calculating emissions takes time and money better spent reducing them

Dodo is a U.K.-based startup that uses open banking to help small businesses easily measure their carbon footprint and reach net-zero goals.

How this female distillery owner made it to the top shelf

Kathy Caton started making gin a decade ago as a side hustle. Now Brighton Gin is her main gig.

Rethinking paying with plastic

Momentum is building for cards made from more sustainable materials, including recycled ocean plastic and bioplastic.

Why buy now, pay later is about to be everywhere

Instalment lending had already been on the rise, but the pandemic has fueled its growth. A new Mastercard buy now, pay later program is coming to the UK, the US and Australia.

Mapping out the world of open banking

With roots in Europe and the UK, open banking is now a global phenomenon taking form in different ways but with the same goal — more innovative financial services.

UK Collective Action: Mastercard’s view

Kelly Devine, Divisional President for UK & Ireland, shares why we think a speculative collective claim against Mastercard shouldn’t be allowed to proceed.

The gift of clarity: Data-driven insights help governments shape relief efforts wisely

London's chief digital officer says real-time information has been critical in responding to the needs of 9 million citizens.

To build back better; we must act now to tackle digital and financial exclusion

A year after the UK went into its first lockdown Kelly Devine looks at how we can build back better and ensure nobody is left in the dark.

British volunteers deliver 1 million acts of kindness during the pandemic

When COVID-19 forced many in the UK to self-isolate, thousands of people volunteered to help keep them fed and healthy. The Royal Voluntary Service had to find a way to instill trust between virtual strangers.

'Nobody in the dark' shines a light on digital exclusion

A light installation by the poet and mental health campaigner Hussain Manawer in two UK cities aims to start a conversation about bringing more people into the digital economy.

Combating climate change: It takes a forest

The Priceless Planet Coalition is restoring 100 million trees over the next five years to combat climate change and reduce carbon in the atmosphere through forest restoration.

Purchasing power plus carbon footprint tracking: A new way of thinking about payment ‘rewards’

The founders of Doconomy, whose DO Mastercard lets consumers calculate their carbon emissions and compensate for them, believe transparency and responsibility go hand in hand.

A million and counting: Bringing STEM opportunities to girls around the world

From cryptology to big data to digital convergence and more, young women gain needed skills and confidence for critical careers through G4T.

Connecting the Falklands

Small business owners in the Falkland Islands are enterprising and resilient, but they previously struggled to accept card payments. That all changed when Mastercard partnered with Square and the Island's government to deliver a transformational solution.