Become a Mastercard® merchant

Mastercard solutions help merchants to increase revenue, enable new sales channels, create better purchase experiences, improve efficiencies and fight fraud.

Electronic payments give consumers instant buying power, which can help you grow revenue and increase average sales per customer. Add the data and insights that we can deliver, and it’s easy to see how Mastercard can help you:

  • get more business from your current customers
  • acquire new customers
  • build loyalty programs across your base

We empower merchants to accept payments through all channels—in store, online, via mobile payments and at unattended locations like fuel pumps. So, whether you use one channel or more, we can help you to speed up checkout, provide innovative customer experiences and deliver loyalty and rewards.

When you work with Mastercard, you'll also gain operating efficiencies—both at checkout and in your back office—through streamlined processes, improved record-keeping and a reduction in the cost of handling cash and checks.

Through our unique fraud data insights, you'll also gain better ways to fight fraud and protect your revenues.

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Mastercard contactless can help you speed up checkout and increase sales

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Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

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