The announcement at Mastercard Innovation Forum 2018: on November 7 and December 7, Mastercard will offer the subway ticket paid with contactless technology

#MastercardMIF2018 - Milan, October 10, 2018 – During Mastercard Innovation Forum 2018, held in Bocconi University in Milan, Mastercard announced a new and interesting initiative supporting smart mobility and the diffusion of contactless in the city of Milan, with many advantages for users.

The “Ticketless Day” campaign, fully sponsored by Mastercard, will allow the cardholders of contactless Mastercard and Maestro, even if digitalized on device enabled for NFC payments, to travel for an entire day to and from every station of Milan subway without any worries. In fact, Mastercard will offer every travel paid with contactless.

This initiative, following the success of the first Italian project on contactless cards payments in the subway, launched by Mastercard and ATM in Milan last July, aims to promote the use of public transportation and educate consumers to contactless technology means of payment.

Mastercard, as a technological player, contributes to drag the private and public sector of the cities, to make them more efficient, inclusive and sustainable, giving the instruments and the infrastructures to allow the digital revolution. The use of contactless for urban transportation makes consumers’ life both easier and faster, allowing them to save time and stress, avoiding long queues for tickets and at the turnstiles, moreover granting them the possibility of enjoying the most convenient daily fare to travel in the subway.

These high-caliber initiatives confirms Mastercard’s leadership in the diffusion of digital payments in Italy. Mastercard recently reached a new milestone in our country: in 2018 1 out of 2 transaction is contactless. stated Michele Centemero, Country Manager Mastercard Italy - As Mastercard we confirm our commitment to create always innovating solutions for our customers and connected consumers”

Arrigo Giana – Director General ATM – on stage during the plenary session that opened Mastercard Innovation Forum 2018 – “Thanks to Mastercard for this initiative that goes in the same direction of ATM’s mission: encourage the use of public transportation and always improve our customers’ user experience. The results of the first months on subway contactless payments testify this: the daily passages are 10,000, with a monthly increase of 50%. Almost 5% of the non-subscribed passengers uses contactless technology. Our aim is to reach 80% of virtual tickets sales. Technological innovation is actually one of the key pillars of ATM’s growth to constantly improve the service offered.

The innovative technologies available for Italian consumers are well received and appreciated, as they play a key role in the user experience. Mastercard’s recent research Connected Consumer, developed by GfK Eurisko, highlighted the approach of Italian consumers to technology and innovation in the field of digital payments. Based on the study, 60% of Italians consider mobile payments as the solution that will significantly affect their future e-commerce experience, followed by smart home technologies (41%) and wearable devices (30%). Moreover, almost half of the Italians (47%) consider mobile payments as the simpler solution, while way more than the half (53%) consider it the fastest. Today, 47% of Italians prefer the smartphone as instrument of payment for daily purchases: 38% of them use it to buy goods such as tickets and services.


Mastercard Connected Consumer
The Mastercard Connected Consumer research, developed by GFK Eurisko, analyzes the habits and attitudes of Italian consumers towards the most innovative instruments and the use of technologies to improve the user experience in everyday life, not only related to purchases.

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