Striving to thrive 2022: The state of play for micro and small businesses

December 5, 2022

Micro and small businesses are the backbone of the UK’s economy, making up around 99.2% of all businesses.

Over the past year we’ve asked these businesses about the challenges they face. We’re particularly interested in how technology can help them grow and solve problems, and if there are barriers in their way.  

Many businesses told us that they want to use more technology in their business, but more than a third (37%) feel overwhelmed by choice, and a quarter say that technology changes too rapidly to keep up.

To help small businesses access technology and develop digital skills, we launched Strive UK. We work with partners including Be the Business, Digital Boost and Enterprise Nation to offer free guidance, helpful tools and mentoring for small business owners. This can be anything from search engine optimisation (SEO) to social media marketing, e-invoicing and digital payments. In just one year, we’ve supported more than half a million businesses.

“Small businesses are the beating heart of Britain’s economy. For many businesses, simply finding the right digital tools and navigating the myriad choices available remains a challenge. Programmes and partnerships like Strive UK are essential to ensuring the country’s small business owners can fully embrace digital technology.”
Kelly Devine, president of Mastercard UK & Ireland

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