Powering the U.K.’s next economy – fintech innovation and the transition to net zero

January 23, 2024

The pace of innovation increases with every year that passes. By the end of the decade, experts agree we will witness significant innovations that will reshape commerce and usher in “the next economy”. 

As commerce evolves, so too will digital payments.

The technologies that will enable these new ways to pay, and be paid, will also underpin key drivers of growth across the UK. As such, its important that policymakers and industry work together to ensure the UK remains a leading fintech hub in the years and decades to come.

This is the third report in Mastercard’s Get Britain Growing policy programme. It is a collection of views from across the financial services industry, consumer, business, and third sector organisations on how we create sustainable and equitable growth across the UK economy by better harnessing digital payments technologies and innovation.

This paper is focused on how we enable growth by continuing to support digital payments innovation as the foundation of the next generation of U.K. fintechs, in particular by creating the right ecosystem to boost fintech innovation in the ESG space and supporting the transition to net zero