MasterCard PayPass™ in Action

With PayPass™, MasterCard is leading the introduction of cashless payments to transit environments around the world, including subway systems, buses, ferries, parking lots, tolls and taxis.

Developed to replace the need to carry cash, PayPass allows for fast and easy payments around the world with the simple tap of a card, phone, FOB, or other payment device. With PayPass, MasterCard is not only changing the way people make purchases, but also the way they view cash.


MasterCard is working with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, MTA New York City Transit and Citi Cards and Citibank to test PayPass in select New York City subway stations with pre-selected Citi credit card and Citibank customers. Participants in the subway trial can pay for their fare at the point of entry by simply tapping their contactless Citi credit card, Citibank MasterCard debit card or payment tag on a specially equipped reader built into the subway turnstile.
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In Asia, the TaiwanMoney Card, the world's first dual-interface contactless payment card for transportation and everyday life purchases, is now being accepted in the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (subway/metro) System. This expansion followed the successful launch of the card for use on buses and ferries as well as in stores. Following its official launch in June 2007, TaiwanMoney Card recorded 1.1 million transactions in the third quarter of 2007.
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MasterCard is working to bring PayPass terminals into New York City taxis, as well as taxis in Philadelphia and Las Vegas.
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Working with MasterCard, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (NYSE: ACS) is bringing PayPass to its parking applications at major airports throughout North America. ACS intends to implement PayPass at a number of airport customer locations in 2008.
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In 2006, MasterCard worked with the Ohio Turnpike Commission to bring a consumer trial of PayPass payments in selected exit lanes and service plazas on the Ohio Turnpike. The Ohio Turnpike is the first toll road in the U.S. to accept payment cards for self-service toll transactions. The Ohio Turnpike Commission is also the first to test general-purpose contactless payment cards in a highway environment.
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Buses and Ferries

Initially launched as a pilot in 2005 on 1,800 buses and 385 traffic routes, the success of the TaiwanMoney card has since resulted in its extension to the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (subway/metro) System. TaiwanMoney was the first example in the world of an open-standards-based payment solution being utilized for direct fare collection, and TaiwanMoney is the only card accepted for fare payment in Kaohsiung and its vicinity.
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