Value Across the Payments Chain

    How MasterCard Benefits Consumers, Businesses, Merchants and Financial Institutions

    As electronic payments capture an ever-greater share of transactions worldwide, MasterCard is delivering value to everyone on every side of every transaction. Here’s how.

    Benefits for Consumers
    • Instant ability to access funds—and pay for goods and services—almost anywhere in the world
    • Greater security than cash, checks and travelers checks; limited liability for lost or stolen cards
    • Ability to make secure Internet purchases, wherever and whenever the cardholder chooses
    • Enhanced ability, through detailed statements, to track and manage spending
    • Wide and increasingly personalized range of benefits and rewards
    Benefits for Businesses
    • Ready access to funds and ability to make purchases wherever a company does business
    • Enhanced ability to track and analyze expenditures on a global basis
    • Greater control over employee spending
    • Savings and rewards programs
    • Increasing ability to link with buyers, suppliers and financial institutions to streamline procurement and other business expenditures
    Benefits for Merchants
    • Increased sales; higher levels of customer satisfaction
    • Lower processing costs than cash or checks
    • Guaranteed payment; elimination of billing and collection costs
    • Reduced fraud and related costs
    • Rising co-brand and promotional opportunities
    Benefits for Financial Institutions
    • Increased revenue streams through widening use of electronic payments
    • Greater ability to maximize the value of deposit accounts
    • Rising ability to drive new revenue through emerging payment forms
    • Increasing co-brand and promotional opportunities
    • Increasing ability to differentiate and compete in markets worldwide