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    Traditionally, many small businesses have been inclined to use their personal checking accounts for business expenses. MasterCard Professional Debit Card represents a major opportunity to better serve this market. By providing small businesses with a separate debit card for their business expenses, you not only can help them streamline their operations, but also potentially improve your margins and increase revenue. It’s a true win-win.

    Tapping into an underserved market with key benefits

    A recent MasterCard study showed that more than 20% of small businesses use their personal checking account for business expenses representing nearly $50B in spend.(1)

    When a pilot test of the MasterCard Professional Debit Card was conducted among 50,000 selected small business operators, of the responders better than 90 percent of those who activated the card used it in addition to their personal debit card. Furthermore, those dual users increased their total card spending and total card transactions on a year-over-year basis by 19% and 26%, respectively.

    For this underserved segment, having a separate debit card for their business carries many advantages, including:

    • Safety – Unlike cash, the MasterCard Professional Debit Card can easily be replaced if lost or stolen, and provides MasterCard Zero Liability Protection for unauthorized charges.*
    • Control – Business owners can determine how employees use the card, with such features as point-of-sale limits.
    • Analysis – Business owners can access their transaction data, customize reports and generally gain a better understanding of their expenses.
    • Convenience – The MasterCard Professional Debit Card is easier to carry than a checkbook, and can be used at millions of locations worldwide.
    • Benefits – The MasterCard Professional Debit card comes with features and benefits otherwise available only on MasterCard BusinessCard cards. This includes access to the MasterCard Easy Savings™ in which businesses can enjoy rebates at participating merchants, MasterAssist® Travel Assistance, and more.

    A unique tool for growing your business

    MasterCard is the only provider to offer a Professional Debit Card designed specifically for the small business market. It is an obvious point of differentiation, enabling you to help these businesses keep their finances separate from personal accounts while affording you an important opportunity to grow your revenue through increased card usage and spending. Having MasterCard Professional Debit Card among your product suite can allow you to attract a broader range of customers and better serve those already in the fold.

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    *Certain restrictions apply. See for availability.
    (1) Hamill Associates, Inc., May 2008.

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    To learn more about our debit programs and other MasterCard products, please click here to submit your inquiry.