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    The recent economic downturn and the commensurate shift in consumer spending behaviors has left consumers and small business owners everywhere eager for more ways to keep on top of their finances. MasterCard Money Manager™ can help your customers monitor their card spending.1

    An interactive, web-based tool, MasterCard Money Manager allows cardholders to easily establish a budget and compare card spending against it. It is particulary valuable for the many consumers who report living paycheck-to-paycheck and who worry about where their funds are going.

    A Simple, Non-Intrusive Way to Monitor Spending

    Enabling your customers to take advantage of MasterCard Money Manager is as easy as adding a link to your website that seamlessly connects them to the tool. Once they have initially logged on, they then simply register and update their account profile by assigning a name or nickname for each card number within a household or business.

    After that, your customers can use the tool to see exactly where there is an opportunity to spend less and save more. They will get:

    • Spending Analysis, which allows total card usage to be displayed by spending or merchant category (gas, groceries, utilities, etc) on a daily, monthly or annual basis, for up to two years. Spending can also be sorted by card number, name or merchant category, and specific transaction details can be viewed, then exported to a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. Your cardholders decide how transactions are categorized and create custom categories such as, vacation, education or hobbies. View the demo
    • Budget Analysis, which summarizes actual spending against the budget that the cardholder has established for each category. These summaries appear in customized, easy-to-read, color-coded charts that show results on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. View the demo
    • Yearly Spending Summary, which saves time and effort when taxes are due. View the demo

    MasterCard Money Manager may significantly reduce the record-keeping and data entry that most budgeting programs require. It helps your customers gain control over their household or business while never placing constraints on card usage. Its value lies in being informational, directional and of course, easy-to-use.

    Another Means of Frequent Contact with Cardholders

    At the same time, MasterCard Money Manager provides benefits to your financial institution that are equal to those enjoyed by your customers. It allows you to take the cardholder experience to the next level by eliminating the periodic paper-based statements that many issuers provide and replacing them with access to a continuous stream of data.

    Additionally, the link to your website can serve as a frequent point of contact between you and your cardholders.  Among other things, you will be able to:

    • Customize the tool to feature branding for your financial institution
    • Create targeted marketing messages
    • Cross-sell products
    • Differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace

    Perhaps most importantly, MasterCard Money Manager carries the potential to result in higher card usage and increased loyalty. Early feedback has shown that cardholders are inclined to put even more transactions on cards linked to MasterCard Money Manager because of the ease with which it enables spending to be monitored.

    (1) Applies to debit, credit, or prepaid transactions processed by MasterCard for those financial institutions using Money Manager. Some restrictions apply.

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    MasterCard Money Manager's intuitive interface makes it easy for your customers to monitor where your household budget is being spent, by whom.

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