Commercial Payments

    Advancing Control. Advancing Commerce.

    MasterCard is meeting the needs of corporations looking to control spending, reduce operational costs, and enforce compliance with corporate policy. With MasterCard® Purchase Control™, you have a simple, effective and secure way to manage your business expenses.

    A new tool to enhance purchasing card usage

    Purchasing cards have become a popular tool for eliminating paper-based purchase orders and invoice processing. MasterCard Purchase Control now takes this convenience to the next level. By combining an integrated preapproval process with secure virtual account numbers it can deliver enhanced global controls and increased transaction security. Purchase Control can be integrated seamlessly into the existing corporate financial infrastructure already in place.

    Purchase Control is a flexible solution that is available in three ways: as a workflow purchase tool, an accounts payable tool, and a payment solution for distributors and resellers:

    Workflow tool

    Workflow tool Gives employees the ability to use their purchasing card for a broader segment of spending while maintaining a high level of control. Any employee can request a virtual card number for purchasing activity, and approval is granted or declined through a configured approval routing process, for each individual request. And since the virtual card number can only be used within the parameters of its approval— transaction amount, date, and vendor— there is built-in transaction security, control and traceability to every purchase.

    Accounts Payable tool

    Accounts Payable tool Simplifies the AP process by leveraging limited-use numbers for vendor and supplier payments, enabling control over the payments process and simplified reconciliation. Helps businesses and organizations reduce check payments, and drive more spend on their card programs.

    Distributors and Resellers tool

    Distributors and Resellers tool Any distributor or reseller can pay for individual goods or services with virtual card numbers. If real-time requests are required, customers can integrate to Purchase Control, sending real-time requests through web services. This automated process is ideal, when there are immediate needs for an account number. This enables simpler reconciliation as well as a reduction of fraud since each payment gets its own account number.

    Strengthening the corporate, issuer relationship

    In light of the safeguards that MasterCard Purchase Control provides, companies can now feel confident expanding their commercial card programs and allowing any employee access to a virtual card number. Purchase Control allows more volume to be captured on an organization’s card program and delivers enhanced global controls.

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