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    Government agencies are, by definition, funded by taxpayers and budget management is critical. The MasterCard Prepaid Government Benefits Card™ can enable those budgets to be stretched much further, while improving service to the recipients.

    Whether you are administering funds for unemployment insurance, child support, temporary assistance for needy families (TANF), pensions or tax refunds, MasterCard Prepaid Government Benefits Card represent a more efficient, convenient and secure means of fulfilling your constituents' needs.

    Spend less and accomplish more

    Between federal, state and local governments, it is estimated that $140 billion is distributed annually in the United States for entitlement payments, grant disbursements and earned benefits.(1) Many of those disbursements are in the form of checks and vouchers, which can easily be delayed, lost or stolen. In 2008, more than 485,000 Social Security and SSI paper checks alone were reported lost or stolen.(2)

    With the MasterCard Prepaid Government Benefits Card, not having to issue replacement checks is just one of the many advantages you will realize. That's because those who have been verified as eligible for benefits instead receive their funds via electronic transmissions that are posted to their card accounts each payment cycle. As a result, you can expect a number of other upsides, including:

    • Significantly reduced administrative expenses. For example, the U.S. Department of the Treasury Financial Management Service estimates a cost of approximately $0.10 to load funds on a recurring basis onto a prepaid card, as compared with an average of $1.00 to disburse a single grant or entitlement check(3).
    • Increased transparency, security and control because the cards provide a reliable audit trail and eliminate the risk of fraudulently endorsed checks.
    • Improved operational efficiency through a streamlining of the claims process, reduction of paperwork, and the ability to load disbursements from multiple programs onto a single card.

    Reasons your recipients will be pleased

    At the same time, recipients of these benefits should likewise be delighted with MasterCard Prepaid Government Benefits Card for a variety of reasons, not the least being the opportunity to gain immediate access to their funds. That, in turn, will enable them to use the cards to:

    • Withdraw cash at thousands of ATMs nationwide and make purchases at any retailer that accepts Debit MasterCard, including online or catalog retailers.
    • Pay bills and check balances either online or over the phone, 24 hours a day.
    • Avoid the stigma that can sometimes be associated with cashing government-issued benefits checks or redeeming vouchers.
      • "On-time payments to your payment recipient. Recipients don't have to wait for delayed checks and as funds are loaded remotely, recipients can be traveling or even have relocated and still receive on-time payment."

    Furthermore, registered cards that are lost or stolen can be replaced and cardholders are protected against unauthorized purchases by MasterCard Zero Liability*.

    MasterCard has already established Prepaid Government Benefits Card programs in all 50 states including for payments that are non-recurring, such as tax refunds and emergency assistance for disaster relief. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your government solutions succeed.

    Contact us to learn more about how we can make your government payment programs succeed through our Prepaid Government Benefits Card solutions and other payment.

    *Certain restrictions apply. Please see for complete
    terms and conditions.
    (1) "Government Sector Prepaid Opportunity Market Review," Bloom/Cogar Consulting, June 2008
    (2) Go Direct Campaign, FMS, U.S. Treasury, 2009.
    (3) U.S. Treasury, FMS, 2010

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    Contact us to learn more about how we can make your government payment programs succeed through our Prepaid Government Benefits Card solutions and other payment.

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