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    Around the world, a revolution in financial services is taking place: prepaid cards are quite simply changing the way payments are made, and MasterCard is at the forefront of that change.

    With products designed specifically for the public sector, corporations and consumers, MasterCard is focused on driving growth in prepaid spending, which is estimated to reach $840 billion globally by 2017.(1)

    A concept with universal advantages

    While not entirely new, the practice of issuing prepaid cards with defined amounts of money loaded on with the opportunity of subsequent replenishment, has nonetheless been gaining tremendous momentum in recent years as the cards' across-the-board benefits become even more apparent.

    For government agencies and companies, they can be a means of quickly and inexpensively disbursing payments. For consumers, especially those who are unbanked or live in underserved markets, they can be a tool for conducting day-to-day transactions. And for issuing institutions, they can be an opportunity to generate new business.

    At MasterCard, we recognize the potential of this revolution and the value it can provide to various industry and consumer segments and that supports for the following solutions:

    • MasterCard Prepaid Payroll Card® – Payroll cards can be integrated with direct deposit programs to reduce costs for employers.
    • MasterCard Prepaid Government Benefits Card – Which can be used by agencies to electronically distribute everything from pensions, Social Security and veterans' benefits to tax refunds, disaster relief and unemployment or other public assistance payments.
    • MasterCard Prepaid Healthcare Card – Which significantly reduce administrative costs associated with healthcare-related savings programs and enable consumers immediate access to the pre-tax funds they've allocated for such expenses.

    If you are looking to achieve greater cost-efficiency in one of these areas, take the time to explore how MasterCard can provide turnkey solutions that are sure to satisfy you and those you serve.

    Please click here to submit your inquiry if you would like to learn more about MasterCard prepaid card solutions.

    (1) Boston Consulting Group (2010). Research commissioned by MasterCard.

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    Please click here to submit your inquiry if you would like to learn more about MasterCard prepaid card solutions.

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