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    Advancing Loyalty. Advancing Commerce.

    Nearly two-thirds of consumers today have indicated they are taking advantage of sales or using coupons.(1) They also have said that reward opportunities might prompt them to use debit cards more often. MasterCard MarketPlace is the ideal solution to meet their needs and yours.

    With MasterCard MarketPlace, consumers have access to hundreds of offers at any one time, from more than 25,000 merchants, thereby helping drive card usage and customer loyalty.

    Online Shopping That Provides Empowerment and Convenience

    MasterCard MarketPlace LogoA merchant-funded website, MasterCard MarketPlace operates like a rewards program, but with no commensurate cost to a financial institution. Cardholders simply enroll for free, indicating their merchant category preferences in an engaging user interface. They then can choose the coupons or discount codes they want and use them whenever they make purchases with their MasterCard consumer debit, credit, or prepaid card.

    Among the many advantages they receive are the following:

    • Everyday savings of 5% to 20% on top brands, with offers updated daily
    • Opportunity to opt-in for regular email alerts of offers, including those provided exclusively to registered consumers
    • “Overwhelming Offers” on limited-time, limited quantity, high-demand items that are discounted from 50% to 80%
    • Access to VIP in-store events and experiences
    • Social networking integration through Facebook

    In addition, we are developing a constant stream of innovations, including mobile and social elements.

    Currently, additional benefits are available through two other levels of the program:

    • MasterCard MarketPlace Plus – This provides premium savings of 20% to 50% for free to consumers who are World Debit MasterCard cardholders. Those who are non-World Cardholders can enroll for just $29.95 annually.
    • MasterCard MarketPlace Statement Rebate Benefit – This affords cardholders even more great offers if their issuing bank agrees to allow registered card statement rebates.

    Encouraging Card Usage at Minimal Expense

    With all of these chances for savings, MasterCard MarketPlace is designed to truly differentiate the MasterCard cardholder experience and stimulate top-of-wallet card usage. What’s more, because the offers are funded by merchants, and the user-friendly website is maintained by MasterCard, the only investment necessary for financial institutions is in providing marketing support.

    Even there, MasterCard is prepared to help with easily accessible turnkey marketing materials, such as:

    • Statement inserts and email copy that you can use to communicate the program’s features and benefits to your cardholders.
    • Promotional messaging that can be printed directly on cardholders’ monthly statements and incorporated into the account-opening process.
    • Web banners that can appear on your website and, like the emails, link directly to the program site.

    All of these are available at, along with customer service FAQs that give a further overview of the program and provide contact information.

    Please click here to submit your inquiry if you would like to learn more about MasterCard MarketPlace and other MasterCard products.

    (1) MasterCard Economic Sentiment Survey, 2008, 2009.

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    Please click here to submit your inquiry if you would like to learn more about MasterCard MarketPlace and other MasterCard products.

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