MasterCard In Control

Advancing Control. Advancing Commerce.

MasterCard In Control™ delivers solutions for greater convenience, security and control to consumers, small businesses and corporations—allowing them to spend smarter.

With MasterCard In Control, parents, employers or cardholders are able to establish parameters for when, where and how their cards are used, giving them more control over their accounts and adding extra value to their relationship with their financial institution.

Innovative technology for increased security and budgeting

MasterCard's breakthrough In Control technology represents the perfect solution to satisfy the demand for increased security and budgeting capability. It allows cardholders to set custom controls on usage of their credit, debit and prepaid cards, and even block transactions that they deem inappropriate. Additionally, it enables them to receive real-time alerts about card activity via email or text message. As a result, they can manage their finances more efficiently and spend with greater confidence.

All of these unique features also mean that the In Control technology is a key tool for issuing institutions to build loyalty with existing cardholders and attract new ones. By delivering global solutions that resonate with cardholders, they can differentiate their product offerings and grow share of wallet, leading to improved revenues. And by working with MasterCard, financial institutions can spend less time and up-front expense than if they were to build similar functionality.

Multiple solutions for diverse audiences

To meet the needs of different types of cardholders, MasterCard has developed a range of solutions. They include:

Purchase Control

In Control for Commercial Payments for larger companies looking to expand their current purchasing card programs and simplify the accounts payable process while reducing exposure to fraud and employee misuse.

Small Business Controller

In Control for Business for smaller companies that want to safely delegate credit, debit or prepaid spending to employees as well as improve expense control and manage cash flow.

Family Solution

In Control for Spend Management for consumers seeking to provide their children or other family members with responsible access to credit, debit or prepaid cards for everyday expenses and emergencies while limiting their financial exposure.

Cardholder Alerts and Controls

In Control for Cardholder Security for consumers eager to protect their finances and track credit, debit or prepaid card use via real-time alerts for budgetary purposes.

All of these simple-to-use solutions can be implemented on a customized or turnkey basis. Whatever the preferences of issuers or their cardholders, we're confident that In Control technology will further a profitable partnership.

For more information on MasterCard In Control and our other payment products, please click here to submit your inquiry.

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For more information on MasterCard In Control and our other payment products, please click here to submit your inquiry.

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