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    As E-Commerce becomes one of the fastest-growing segments of the payments industry, MasterCard has been at the forefront of developing innovative technology solutions, such as MasterCard MarketPlace™ and MasterCard inControl™. By pushing the boundaries of electronic payments, we are helping our customers seize new growth opportunities.

    Making Online Shopping Easy, Secure, Personalized and Relevant

    Since 2004, U.S. online retail sales have consistently increased at an annual rate three to four times that of total retail sales1. By 2014, not only are such online sales projected to reach $249 billion, but the overall amount of web-influenced retail commerce is anticipated to surge to $1.4 trillion. Collectively, that will account for better than half of all U.S. retail volume2.

    The reason behind this purchasing trend is clear...convenience. Consumers say the number-one reason they shop online is because “it is easier to find the product they’re looking for.”3

    To help financial institutions take full advantage of this growing opportunity, MasterCard is building capabilities and partnering with E-Commerce industry leaders to provide cardholders with an online experience that is not just easy and convenient, but also safe, secure, personalized and relevant.

    Emerging Payment Solutions to Drive E-Commerce:

    • MasterCard MarketPlace - A merchant-funded program that offers cardholders an easy and personalized way to shop on-line. Available through an agreement with NextJump, this program offers cardholders a range of benefits, including everyday savings of 5% to 20% on top-brands and “Overwhelming Offers” on limited-time, limited quantity, high-demand items that are discounted from 50% to 80%.

      Furthermore, these benefits are accessible via mobile applications for on-the-go cardholders. Click here for more information on MasterCard MarketPlace.
    • MasterCard inControl - A ground-breaking technology that allows cardholders to set custom controls on card usage, receive real-time alerts about card activity and create limited-use card numbers to make secure online purchases. These solutions help cardholders manage their finances more efficiently and spend with greater confidence. Click here for more information on MasterCard inControl.
    • Mobile Solutions - From mobile applications such as ATM Hunter to mobile contactless technology such as PayPass™, to person-to-person (P2P) remittance such as MoneySend™, we’re helping consumers find important information and make confident, secure transactions wherever they may be. Click here for more information on MasterCard Mobile Applications and Platforms.

    Delivering Actionable Insights into the E-Commerce Landscape

    MasterCard also offers financial institutions and merchants insights that can help them refine their e-commerce business strategies. One of the most widely-sourced of these resources is SpendingPulse™—which delivers timely information on consumer spending in a variety of categories including on-line sales. Click here for more information on SpendingPulse.

    For more information on MasterCard emerging payment solutions to drive e-commerce either contact your account representative or click here to submit your inquiry.

    (1) U.S. Census Bureau, February 2010. ; eMarketer calculations, March 2010.
    (2) Forrester, December 2009.
    (3) “Evolving the Prototypical Path to Purchase,” Harris Interactive, December 2008.

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