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    Advancing Loyalty. Advancing Commerce.

    As more and more people discover that debit cards are the easy way to pay, financial institutions gain an opportunity to grow their business by migrating consumer’s away from cash. Customers gain a secure, convenient way to access funds for shopping and other purposes along with protection from lost or stolen cash. In addition, issuers benefit from reducing the costs of check processing.

    A Newly Upgraded Value-Added Feature Helps Increase Loyalty and Satisfy Customer Needs

    • MasterCard MarketPlace™, a merchant-funded website that enables cardholders to access hundreds of discounts and savings offers from more than 25,000 merchants, based on their own spending preferences. At a time when consumers are clipping coupons and spending less, MasterCard MarketPlace helps them save on everyday purchases.

    MasterCard offers a range of debit solutions that enable you to offer the right card to consumers no matter where they are in the card lifecycle. Each card comes with valuable features, benefits and value-added services to help differentiate your offering and meet customer needs.

    Enhancing Customer Experiences Throughout a Truly Global Network

    MasterCard’s debit cards already enjoy acceptance at millions of merchants and ATMs globally. And with the only global interoperable debit acceptance network, only MasterCard can process PIN and signature transactions anywhere in the world, so your cardholders can get better control of their spending and you get better customer analytics.

    MasterCard Offers Debit Programs and Solutions to Meet the Needs of a Variety of Audiences

    • MasterCard Professional Debit Card, a solution that allows small businesses to separate and manage their business expenses while still using their personal direct deposit account to pay for purchases. The card comes with certain benefits including the MasterCard Easy Savings Program which offers rebates on purchases made at participating merchants, along with other benefits, otherwise attached to business cards only. Customers can better manage their business spending, enjoy business benefits, and this can help you grow your portfolio profitability.
    • World Debit® MasterCard, a solution targeted for mass affluent U.S. cardholders is tailored to the segment's unique needs. It provides rewards, peace-of-mind security and protection benefits, financial control, global acceptance, and exceptional customer service. The World Debit MasterCard is specifically designed to provide best-in-class benefits and services(1)—so you can deliver an attractive, differentiated debit program for the mass affluent.
    • Maestro offers cardholders secure, convenient access to their deposit accounts from anywhere in the world. Maestro is the only on-line, PIN-based global debit brand that can be used to make purchases and to provide access to cash at ATMs. As of December 31, 2009, the Maestro brand mark appeared on 659 million cards worldwide. Maestro is accepted at more than 12 million locations globally including more than 1.6 million ATMs worldwide.
    • Cirrus is MasterCard’s ATM-only brand, and offers cardholders secure access to cash and other banking services. Cirrus can stand alone or sit with MasterCard’s point-of-sale brands, giving them ATM access. It can also be used by competing brands such as Diners Club, Visa and private-label credit cards, to provide ATM access for those cards. Cards bearing the Cirrus logo can be used at more than more than 1.6 million ATMs.

    We encourage you to learn more about each of these, and all our other debit offerings, to see how they reaffirm MasterCard’s commitment to providing profitable card partnerships, as well as enhanced customer experiences. To learn more about our debit programs and other MasterCard products, please click here to submit your inquiry.

    (1) MasterCard recommends that issuers apply the following criteria to best fit potential customers with the World Debit MasterCard program: meet an annual signature spend of $7,500 per card or an annual signature spend of $10,000 for active cards.

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    To learn more about our debit programs and other MasterCard products, please click here to submit your inquiry.

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