MasterCard PayPass

    MasterCard PayPass™ has benefits for all parties involved in the payment process—from consumers to merchants and financial institutions.

    MasterCard PayPass™ is the industry’s leading “contactless” payment platform. It allows people to just Tap & Go™ when making a purchase so that paying is faster and easier than ever before.

    To pay, people simply tap their PayPass card, phone, FOB or other payment device on a PayPass-enabled terminal or reader at checkout. Their PayPass card never has to leave their hands - people no longer have to swipe or hand their card to a cashier - and there's no signature required for purchases under $25.*

    As of December 2008, PayPass is accepted at more than 141,000 merchant location in 28 countries. MasterCard PayPass has benefits for all parties involved in the payment process—from consumers to merchants and financial institutions—and is growing.

    Consumer Benefits

    • Provide a quick, easy payment method, improving the overall shopping experience.
    • Provide consumers with a cash alternative that allows them to purchase what they need, when they need it, without being limited to cash on hand.
    • Increase the feeling of security, as cardholders remain in control of the card/device during transactions.
    • Provide better record keeping than cash.

    Merchant Benefits

    • Allow merchants to function more efficiently and serve their customers better. PayPass speeds consumers through the checkout process, reduces cash handling, improves efficiency, and provides competitive differentiation.
    • Provide a reliable, trusted payment method that works well in quick-pay environments.
    • Help attract new customers and increase their loyalty.

    Financial Institution Benefits

    • Potential for increased Gross Dollar Volume (GDV) by attracting payments away from cash.
    • Open up new acceptance opportunities with merchants who formerly only accepted cash.
    • Increase cardholder loyalty for their card programs.

    Additional information on MasterCard PayPass

    *Debit transactions may require a PIN.

    PETCO Accepts MasterCard® PayPass

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