Commercial Products

    MasterCard is reshaping the way today’s businesses and public sector agencies conduct their transactions.

    Through our Commercial Products group, MasterCard is a leader in streamlined, end-to-end global commercial payment solutions for corporations, mid-sized companies, small businesses and public sector agencies. We combine flexible, innovative payment programs with acceptance at more than 25 million locations worldwide. Our offerings and services are reshaping the way today’s businesses and public sector agencies conduct their transactions, increasing efficiency and enhancing operations across the board.

    MasterCard Payment Gateway™

    The MasterCard Payment Gateway is a flexible enterprise-wide payment processing platform for routing commercial payments between buyers, suppliers and their financial institutions. This innovative offering gives companies a streamlined total payables solution designed to increase productivity and profits with enhanced security, while simplifying the entire payments process.

    The MasterCard Payment Gateway can manage multiple payment types, including card and electronic funds transfer (EFT) and is part of MasterCard's continuing effort to improve the payments process for businesses of all sizes, and revolutionize an industry traditionally dominated by check payments and wire transfers.

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    MasterCard Smart Data OnLine™

    MasterCard Smart Data OnLine™ is a global, Web-based reporting application that helps companies seamlessly organize, consolidate, analyze, and manage financial data from cards, cash transactions, and other MasterCard programs. Designed to meet companies’ specific reporting needs, Smart Data OnLine allows users to view details like hotel chain spending, flight legs, and other information to get a clear picture of spending patterns, volume, and frequency and identify cost-saving opportunities. For additional details, please visit Smart Data.

    MasterCard inControl™

    MasterCard inControl is an innovative platform that offers an array of advanced authorization, transaction routing and alert controls designed to enable commercial as well as consumer issuers to more quickly and cost-efficiently introduce new and enhanced products. Integrating Orbiscom’s patented payment technologies with MasterCard’s global processing platform, MasterCard in Control allows issuers to both leverage off-the-shelf solutions and create customized offerings to meet the needs of their commercial and consumer cardholders. With MasterCard inControl, issuers have enhanced authorization controls, intelligent routing capabilities and robust alert functionality that provides personalized real-time communication on transaction activities. For additional information, please visit MasterCard inControl.

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