Advanced Payments

MasterCard is staying in the forefront of technology integration to enable anytime, anywhere payments.

Today, as technology innovations deliver new ways of connecting consumers with their payment accounts, MasterCard is putting the full power of these solutions to work. Our strategy is simple: we’re focused on providing the technology, expertise and flexibility needed to give consumers anytime, anywhere, any device access to their payment accounts—now and in the future.


MasterCard <i>PayPass</i>™

MasterCard PayPass MasterCard PayPass™ is the industry’s leading “contactless” payment platform. It allows people to just Tap & Go™ when making a purchase so that paying is faster and easier than ever before.


MasterCard Chip Solutions

MasterCard Chip Solutions MasterCard Chip Solutions offer the most comprehensive and customizable smart card delivery program available, providing a complete range of products, services and tools to help adapt to—and capitalize on—the changes brought about by chip technology.


The MasterCard Payment Gateway

The MasterCard Payment Gateway The MasterCard Payment Gateway is a breakthrough payment system that connects issuers, buyers, and suppliers faster and more efficiently. Instead of maintaining multiple systems, users get one simple electronic solution for all payment methods.