Ranking Methodology

An index structure consisting of seven dimensions was designed by our team of independent economic, urban development and social-science experts from leading research institutions around the world. Each of these seven dimensions in turn consists of a number of indicators,

and each indicator is made up of a number of sub-indicators. All told, the Index involves seven dimensions, 43 indicators and 74 sub-indicators (download Index for details). In computing the data, the panel also determined the weight that should be given each of the seven dimensions:

  • Legal and Political Framework (10%) - Degree to which legal and political frameworks enable the emergence of a Global Center of Commerce.
  • Economic Stability (10%) - Degree to which a Center of Commerce is handicapped by an unstable economic environment, currency, or unpredictable inflation.
  • Ease of Doing Business (20%) - Availability of quality trade logistics; level of interconnectedness; and ability to attract and retain talent due to a high quality of living.
  • Financial Flow (22%) - Measurement of the city's actual output or financial achievement.
  • Business Center (12%) - Degree to which the city intermediates the flow of goods, services, people, finances and information, etc.
  • Knowledge Creation and Information Flows (16%) - Degree to which information flows freely and knowledge is generated.
  • Livability (10%) - Measure of a city's quality of life, including leisure activities, basic services and health standards.

Continuing our commitment to delivering financial Insights, MasterCard Worldwide has developed the Worldwide Centers of Commerce Index™.

It’s a revolutionary research program that uses seven evaluative dimensions to identify and rank the 75 most influential cities that drive the global economy.

Its supplemental, in-depth reports provide unique insights to regional trends around the world, providing businesses with an inside look at markets as they evolve.

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