MasterCard Perspectives

December 2008

Walt Macnee, President, Global Markets


MasterCard Perspectives reports are delivered by our leading minds and are an important part of our commitment to helping you navigate the changing economic landscape. The following two reports shed light on important emerging markets, Brazil and the Middle East, respectively.

Brazil: Exploring the Consumer Market in Latin America’s Largest Economy
Vibrant emerging markets stand in stark relief against the backdrop of slowing economies and uncertain economic times. Brazil is a prime example. Powered by a growing middle class and a large youth demographic, Latin America’s largest economy is expected to grow some 3-4% this coming year. This MasterCard Perspectives report offers powerful insights into the current Brazilian market while offering a glimpse of where this dynamic economy is headed next.

Beyond Oil: Understanding the Drivers of Economic Growth in the Middle East
There is more to Middle East economies than just oil. Much more. Strong corporate financing, construction and tourism industries are providing increasing economic impetus to Middle Eastern nations. Emerging markets in the Middle East offer diverse opportunities in countries ranging from Qatar, with the world’s highest GDP per capita, to Egypt, where seven out of eight people are unbanked. This MasterCard Perspectives report provides an overview of the region’s economy and demographics, and insights into four key countries that are helping fuel its growth.


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