Ranking Methodology

  • The Emerging Markets Index (EMI) identifies and ranks the 65 most important cities in emerging market countries. These centers of commerce are critical to the evolution of the emerging economies in which they are located and to the future of commerce globally.

  • The EMI is built on eight analytic dimensions consisting of nearly 100 indicators and sub-indicators, which were selected based on their importance in emerging markets and their ability to reflect the realities of those markets.

  • Economic and Commercial Environment
    (12.80%) - Measures time and costs for building a standard warehouse, registering a property, exporting/importing cargo, measures of corruption and foreign bond ratings.
    Economic Growth and Development
    (13.80%) - Measures the broad economic health and growth of the national economy including: GDP, inward foreign direct investment, international trade, and urban population growth.
    Business Environment
    (16.60%) - Reflects the business environment quality by appraising the corporate tax burden, ease of contract enforcement, and ease of closing a business.
    Financial Services Environment
    (10.60%) - Assesses the overall financial services environment: the presence of leading international banks, insurance companies, securities dealers, banking services and currency exchange regulations.
  • Commercial Connectivity
    (13.00%) - Measures city connectivity to other world and regional commercial centers by air, airline passenger volumes, presence of foreign consulates/embassies, international hotels, convention/meeting facilities, and international trade.
    Education, and IT Connectivity Environment
    (12.00%) - Gauges the intensity of a city’s education activities, along with national levels of Internet and telecommunications connectivity.
    Quality of Urban Life
    (10.60%) - Measures the quality of life by considering: personal freedom/media and censorship, medical and health considerations, public services and transport, recreation and culture, mortality, and the presence of world heritage sites.
    Risk & Security
    (10.60%) - Gauges a city’s overall risk and security through personal freedom, personal physical safety and the political and social environment.

Continuing our commitment to delivering financial insights, MasterCard Worldwide has developed the Worldwide Centers of Commerce™: Emerging Markets Index.

It’s a revolutionary research program that uses eight evaluative dimensions to identify and rank the 65 most influential cities among emerging market countries.

Its supplemental, in-depth reports provide unique insights to regional trends around the world, giving businesses an inside look at the markets as they evolve.

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