Global Support

    Making a difference is why MasterCard is committed to furthering financial inclusion for everyone through the power of entrepreneurship

    At MasterCard, we are committed to furthering financial inclusion because it increases the prosperity of communities and ensures that people have an opportunity to achieve their full potential.

    Our corporate giving is focused on financial inclusion initiatives that focus on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship fuels innovation, employment and economic growth to help people around the world build stronger futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

    To best serve this strategic focus, we support organizations that provide education, training and technology assistance through programs focused on entrepreneurship and financial literacy. We believe that by targeting our support in this way, our philanthropy reflects the spirit of our business and provides an opportunity to lend our unique expertise including our technology, our products and the knowledge and experience of our employees, to critical social needs around the world.

    MasterCard Worldwide Corporate Philanthropy provides grants to charitable organizations that focus on financial inclusion through the power of entrepreneurship. Partnerships are sought with organizations that address such issues as global youth unemployment, limited access to capital markets to create businesses, and the struggle of a small business to thrive and grow. Organizations will need to demonstrate capacity for funding, impact of its work, and sustainability of its programs

    Judging Criteria

    MasterCard Worldwide supports organizations that meet one or more of the following objectives:

    • Developing a new generation of educated and motivated young people poised for career success;
    • Securing sustainable livelihoods for individuals and families through new enterprise creation; and/or
    • Equipping existing small businesses with the resources needed to thrive and generate long-term economic growth.

    Examples of programs we are looking to support include:

    • Programs that teach basic business and entrepreneurial competencies;
    • Programs that provide financial tools and resources necessary to start businesses; and
    • Programs that offer management, financial, and technical training to strengthen businesses and adapt to changes in technology.

    In addition to having impactful programming that falls within one of the above focus areas, the strongest candidates will:

    • Execute programming on a national scale, with touchpoints in several regions of the country, or on an international level
    • Possess a detailed strategy for achieving stated program goals
    • Have the ability to capture metrics and share impacts
    • Be well-known and well-respected in the community
    • Have experience working with corporate funders and forming win-win partnerships
    • Be fiscally strong and have a stable and diverse funding base

    Applications must be submitted online through this link.