Downloadable Materials

In this section, you’ll find the resources you will need to host your own Debt Know-How seminar. Simply download, then print the following documents and you’ll be on your way to bringing the valuable “debt know-how” information you’ve learned to others.

Debt Know-How Curriculum

Debt Know How Teaching Guide (149 KB PDF) Tips and Information for Hosting a Successful Debt Education Session (149 KB PDF) Debt Know How Presentation Deck (1.45 MB PPT) Debt-to-Income Ratio Worksheet (160 KB PDF) Income and Expense Cash Flow Worksheet (158 KB PDF) Family Case Study (126 KB PDF) Debt Warning Signs Quiz (145 KB PDF) Debt Reduction Goal-Action Plan (139 KB PDF) Sample Letter to a Creditor (140 KB PDF) Consumer Evaluation (140 KB PDF) Trainer Evaluation (140 KB PDF)

Harvard Employees Credit Union PayPass

Read about Harvard University Employees Credit Union’s new Debit MasterCards.