Debt Know-How

Debt Know-How is a consumer education program designed to empower those in debt with free, easy-to-understand debt management tools. The Debt Know-How program offers a variety of resources, including:

  • An interactive section of the MasterCard Web site, available in English and Spanish, which contains free, easy-to-use information, tips and resources for consumers.
  • A curriculum for educators and personal finance instructors, developed in partnership with the University of Minnesota Extension Service, which includes a teaching guide, class outline, worksheets and other tools needed to teach a 1–2 hour class on debt management.
  • In select markets across the country, MasterCard has hosted Debt Know-How train-the-trainer seminars, led by an educator and Accredited Financial Counselor from the University of Minnesota.

Debt Know-How is designed to empower consumers to understand their debt situations, make their own personal plan to pay off debt, and take action. Learn more:

Debt Resources
Downloadable Materials

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