'Are You Credit Wise?' Launches in the Netherlands

Dutch students teach money management skills to their peers

Are You Credit Wise? Launches in the Netherlands For many young people, going to a university becomes the first time they have to manage their own budget – including accommodation, books, food and other living expenses. In the Netherlands, MasterCard has now launched an adapted version of one of the company’s most successful consumer education program: "Are You Credit Wise?"

The unique nature of Slim studeren = geld beheren (smart with your studies = smart with budget management) is that MasterCard "trains the trainers" – university students – who are then the main drivers of educating their fellow students. This peer-to-peer approach can be more effective than traditional programs, because it can become "viral" as students pick up the initiative on their own. Covering credit, debit and budget management instruments, the Dutch program enables students to be in charge of their own financial destiny.

Strengthening MasterCard's reputation as a responsible stakeholder
In the presence of Elly Blanksma, a member of the Dutch Parliament, the first official budget training was recently given at the Hague University. Throughout the first part of the academic year, 10 student trainers are providing trainings in the university cities The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam and Utrecht. To train the trainers, MasterCard is partnering with the National Institute of Budget Information (NIBUD).. At the launch event, Elly Blanksma commented: "I thank MasterCard and Nibud for initiating and supporting this consumer education program. In a lifetime, it is very important to study, but it is better if you do not pay the rest of your life for that."

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