Work Life

    We are committed to creating an inspiring work environment—one that affords each person the opportunity to contribute fully to the company’s business goals and objectives.

    A major part of creating that environment involves helping our employees to meet the demands of both their professional and personal lives. Among the broad spectrum of benefits, programs, policies and resources we offer are the following:

    Flexible Work Schedules

    At MasterCard, we realize that, to attract and retain highly skilled people who will meet the professional demands of our customers, our business and our ever-changing marketplace, we must provide a workplace that allows flexibility for employees to balance their work demands with personal responsibilities.


    MasterCard University’s mission is to provide a "gold standard" of excellence in learning products, options and solutions in support of MasterCard Worldwide’s leadership vision. Our training philosophy revolves around three key concepts:

    • Growth: MasterCard University is committed to supporting your personal growth and helping the organization achieve its business goals.
    • Learning: MasterCard University believes that learning is a lifelong investment. Choose to learn in a classroom, or through a variety of e-learning and self-study solutions, from your desks or from home. Our goal is to help you access the training you need, when and where you want it.
    • Partnership: The MasterCard University staff is committed to strengthening its curriculum by partnering with the business groups in the development of more targeted courseware. By offering a broad training curriculum via a number of different mediums, MCU is at the forefront of corporate universities.

    Community Outreach

    We support diverse community organizations through our philanthropy programs. Employees are encouraged not only to participate in volunteer activities, but also to make us aware of non-profit groups they care about that deserve the company’s assistance.

    Matching Gifts Program

    To encourage the generosity of eligible employees and retirees worldwide, the company provides matching funds to the charitable organizations they personally support. Individual donations to the non-profit groups or educational institutions of their choice are matched dollar-for-dollar up to US$5,000 per year.

    Child Care Options

    High-quality, affordable child care options are critical to helping employees better balance work and family responsibilities. In recognition of that, MasterCard has teamed up with Work/Life Partnerships and Children’s World Learning Centers® and Bright Horizons Family Solutions® Net Work Access Program (NAP) to provide the company’s U.S. employees with quality and innovative child care options to enable young children to reach their full potential.

    Scholarship Program for Children of MasterCard Employees

    We encourage and recognize academic excellence by assisting selected MasterCard employees in meeting the cost of their children’s undergraduate college education. Each year, the MasterCard Scholarship Program awards a one-time scholarship of US$5,000 to 10 eligible children.

    Adoption Assistance Program

    MasterCard provides financial assistance to help offset the costs associated with the legal adoption process. We will reimburse eligible employees for eligible adoption expenses up to a maximum of $5,000 per child, as long as you are an active employee at MasterCard when placement takes place.

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    Did You Know...?

    Women at MasterCard comprise better than 20 percent of the membership of the company’s Executive Committee and Management Council.

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