Diversity and Inclusion ButterflyMasterCard Worldwide has put a premium on nurturing an inclusive culture where employees with wide-ranging backgrounds and qualities are highly motivated, engaged and connected.

    Winning companies always want to hire top talent. At MasterCard, however, we take that concept a step further. Our culture is built on the fundamental belief that only by bringing together people with a variety of strengths, skills and experiences will we best be able to meet the unique payment needs of those we serve.

    From such diversity comes the capacity to truly understand and appreciate the differences in our customers, merchants and cardholders around the globe. That, in turn, leads to the generation of innovative ideas and the ability to see the future in perceptive, ground-breaking ways.

    We are proud to be not only a leader in the global payments industry, but also an “employer of choice” where the best and brightest prefer to work. They do so because they know that our culture of inclusion provides opportunities for growth, fulfillment and, ultimately, career success.

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    Did You Know...?

    MasterCard hosts an annual Multicultural Summit for more than 100 employees across the company to promote diversity and share best practices.

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    Sheila Narayanan

    Sheila Narayanan
    Global Solutions Leader, Information Products

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