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Grow in a Global Marketplace

06/11/2008 — Although the number of minority-owned businesses in the United States has more than tripled in the past 20 years, more minority-owned companies need to position themselves for significant growth. Here are six strategies to help you pursue size and scale.

Master Multilingual Marketing

06/11/2008 — If you're trying to connect with customers who speak different languages, it can be difficult to craft a winning marketing plan. Learn how to create a marketing plan that will connect with a multilingual customer base.

Connect with a Professional Mentor

06/11/2008 — Discover state, federal and advocacy programs that can help you connect with seasoned small business owners and experts. Then learn how to make the most of mentoring relationships that you establish.

Develop Relationships with Larger Companies

06/11/2008 — By partnering with large companies, small businesses can enjoy big benefits, including super-sized sales, marketing and networking opportunities. Here's how African-American business owners can open doors within large corporations.

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