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Help Your Staff Master International Business Etiquette

Don't let your employees make social or cultural blunders abroad. Read advice on avoiding the most common mistakes.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Maintenance doesn't usually become a priority until something breaks. Then it's a life-or-death situation to get everything up and running again. Avoid putting out constant brush fires by implementing a planned maintenance program.

Permalancing and Your Work Force

Part freelancer, part employee, permalancers are independent workers who do full-time work on a temporary basis. Under increasing legal scrutiny, they offer employers as many potential pitfalls as they do possible perks. Protect yourself by learning the rules of independent contractor classification.

Power-saving Technologies that Reduce Expenses

Learn about simple steps your company can take to help the environment and reduce energy costs.

Strength in Numbers

Integrated health care delivery systems reduce costs and boost efficiency.

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