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MasterCard Commercial Card Program Helps Business Grow
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Find out how the MasterCard Commercial Card Program helped Del Norte Clinics Inc., increase business by 5 percent in the first year and 9 percent in the second.

Del Norte Clinics Inc., is a network of community-based health and dental centers serving more than 65,000 patients annually. The company, based in Yuba City, Calif., boasts $30 million in annual revenue and employs 375 people. Larry Fong joined Del Norte as CEO in 2004 and soon saw that to increase sales, streamline operations and better serve his diverse customer base, he would need to make big changes to the way the business was operating.

"We were using multiple vendors for everything," Fong says. "We're a major medical center and that was crazy. I didn't want piecemeal products — I wanted one vendor capable of handling all of our needs." The frustration of dealing with multiple vendors, his dedication to speaking to his community and a shakeup on Del Norte's board of directors gave Fong the opportunity to make a change. Hoping to increase volume by allowing his employees to access backend systems and increase Del Norte's visibility in the market, he turned to MasterCard.

MasterCard's status as a global leader was important to Fong. As a MasterCard customer, he feels secure and has access to a wealth of services and information. "I chose MasterCard because it's widely accepted, has a great security system and fantastic customer service," he says.

A Smooth Transition
Small changes such as the installation of MasterCard readers and excellent training sessions for staff members helped make the transition seamless all the way from the top of the organization to the clinic level.

"It was very transparent when I made the switch," Fong says. "I liked that I had local contact with people I already know at my community bank and constant follow-up from MasterCard."

Fong also appreciates the ease of MasterCard’s customer service call center. "If I have a problem, I call and get somebody who understands what my business is and who I am," he says. "I'm not put on hold, told to push three to get this and push two to get that. I get my account person, and boom, I get taken care of."

Tangible Results: MasterCard Exceeds Expectations
Fong couldn't be happier with the results of the change. After only one year, by relying on MasterCard as his sole vendor and leveraging the MasterCard brand to increase his market visibility, his business grew by 5 percent. After two years, it grew by 9 percent.

MasterCard gives Fong the ability to closely monitor expenses and manage financial data. It offers high-end tracking and reporting capabilities and is accepted by nearly all of the commercial outlets Del Norte purchases products from. The company's 12 senior administrators have limited-use corporate cards, and their ability to use them for travel and other expenses makes him feel secure because he knows their cards will be accepted and that tracking their expenses will be easy.

Global Recognition, Local Connections
MasterCard is a global brand, but Del Norte is a regional, community-minded business. New to the company, aware of the challenges and looking to streamline financial operations, Fong knew choosing a well-known brand to attract clients to his clinics was going to be a huge asset.

Fong wanted to populate the clinics with a payment solution logo that would be familiar and welcoming to his largely immigrant rural population. "The biggest town in this area probably has 40,000 people," he says. "It's a very rural area and home to a diverse population of Punjabi, Chinese, Hispanic and Hmong immigrants."

MasterCard is a trusted business partner for Fong, and he is able to pass along that same sense of security and connection to his clients. "There are lots of credit cards out there," Fong says. "What puts MasterCard in front is that they back up [their services] on the local level. The partnership aspect comes through very well on their end."

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