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MasterCard Enhanced Merchant Data Reporting System

As part of the Public Sector Payment Support Tools web site, the MasterCard Enhanced Merchant Data Reporting System (EMR) is a state-of-the-art online reporting tool that easily and accurately tracks your organization's spending. It gives you access to all of your organization's Purchasing Card transactions, providing automatic and complete reporting on data like 1099 status, small, minority-owned and woman-owned business spending. Plus, it tracks and gets credit for supplier spending with specific supplier groups or other program goals. And, with MasterCard's enhanced data, it delivers program-level reporting including: total spending, ticket size spending, average ticket, industry sector spending, supplier spending and large ticket spending.

With its unique capability, the MasterCard Enhanced Merchant Data Reporting System provides robust Purchasing Card transaction detail, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The data comes from MasterCard Online, our secure Internet server, and is delivered directly to your desktop in the format of your choice. Cardholders can request our pre-formatted customized reports or one of the many data files available for easy manipulation.

Cardholders can access the Enhanced Merchant Data Reporting System and download all merchant information associated with their MasterCard Purchasing Card program. Over 3 million merchants provide information that is consolidated by purchasing organization, and MasterCard supports all three levels of hierarchy for the corporation or agency, e.g. company, division and department. Data is provided down to the individual transaction level.

The reporting of the Enhanced Merchant Data Reporting system provides information on three acquisition categories: small-value ($0-$2,500), moderate-value ($2,500-$25,000), and large-value ($25,000-$100,000). The full detail ensures easy tracking of all reporting requirements.

Reports, reports, reports

The Enhanced Merchant Data Reporting System provides a full range of reports, including:

  • Spending Summary Report
  • MWOB - Small, Minority-, and Women-Owned Business Reports for external reporting and internal compliance
  • 1099 Report
  • Transactions $0-$2,500
  • Transactions $2,500-$25,000
  • Transactions $25,000-$100,000

The Web-based application let corporations or agencies determine user access - giving an individual or the entire organization entrée to specific department information. Users can select reporting time periods, i.e. calendar month, quarter, year or a specific time interval. Merchant and transaction data is retained for a rolling 15 months; completed reports and files are maintained on the site for 3 months. There’s no need for additional software or data manipulation.

Accurate information

To ensure that merchant data is accurate, the source for the Enhanced Data Merchant Reporting System, the MasterCard data warehouse, is augmented daily and refreshed on a monthly basis. All merchant data is reformatted to give you the best view of a merchant location. And erroneous data is cleaned or dropped completely.

MasterCard also uses validated data supplied by Austin-Tetra, the respected industry leader of supply-chain management. Austin-Tetra's small business/MWOB data capture-culled from over 280 validated data sources-yields the highest quality information for each and every transaction. And with access to over 12 million merchant records, Austin-Tetra represents a best-in-class solution for merchant socio-economic information.

Data as you’d like it

With this new web-based application, organizations get continuous data, application and report enhancements, and easy manipulation. By offering reports in both Adobe® Acrobat® and as data files, cardholders now have the option of getting the information preformatted in an easy to read document, or in a file that can be easily imported into a database, like Microsoft® Excel, for further analysis or to generate mail merges.

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