Manage Your Data

Complete control and increased efficiency.

MasterCard Smart Data OnLineTM is a global Web-based reporting application that helps federal agencies seamlessly organize, consolidate, analyze and manage financial data from cards, cash transactions and other MasterCard programs. Smart Data Online


  • Easy organization-wide setup-only system requirement is browser and Internet access.
  • Minimal training for all levels of use-simple, intuitive design and little system interface training required.
  • Quick and easy access to card spending data.
  • Supports diverse expense management needs of your organization, from administration to purchasing and more.
  • Tracks and reports detailed cardholder spending activity including transaction information, cardholder summaries, statements and other vital information.
  • Integrates your MasterCard data into your existing accounting and ERP systems.
  • Delivers data and reporting directly to your desktop without proprietary desktop software.
  • Offers a low-cost and efficient MIS application for global affiliates.
  • Enhancements are immediately available to all users, eliminating extensive and costly software upgrade, data download, and database load processes.