MasterCard E-Business Solutions

MasterCard and its global network of banks bring you a new generation of tailored electronic payment, purchasing, and expense management solutions to help reduce costs, track expenditures and gain efficiencies. Let us help you navigate the complexities of B2B e-commerce.

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Track your suppliers' spending MasterCard Enhanced Merchant Reporting System
As part of the Public Sector Payment Support Tools web site, the MasterCard Enhanced Merchant Data Reporting System (EMR) is a state-of-the-art online reporting tool that facilitates corporate and government 1099, small business, and MWOB reporting requirements. It is an online database that provides supplemental socio-economic data, when available, on all U.S. merchants that accept MasterCard Purchasing Cards, regardless of MCC, incorporation status, industry type, or total spend.
Track your spending compliance and combat fraud MasterCard Expert Monitoring System
The MasterCard Expert Monitoring System supports strategic sourcing, mines card data, and provides a state-of-the-art solution for risk management, fraud detection and mitigation, detection of internal misuse, and compliance monitoring and reporting.
Manage your expense data MasterCard Smart Data OnLine
This global, web-based reporting application helps you organize, consolidate, analyze and manage financial data from credit cards, cash transactions and other MasterCard programs via the Internet.
Better manage and control T&E expenses MasterCard ExpenSysTM
MasterCard has made business travel simpler and more efficient with a range of fully electronic solutions for managing travel expenses. With MasterCard ExpenSys, companies that use the MasterCard Corporate Card® for business travel expenses can access employee card transaction data anytime, anywhere. This is because of MasterCard's superior data delivery capabilities from our Global Data Repository into our Expense Management partners' applications.

Access merchant information and reports MasterCard Public Sector Payment Support Tools
Provides a set of tools to allow you to track spending and locate merchants that support advanced reporting technology. Includes the MasterCard Enhanced Merchant Data Reporting System (EMR), the MasterCard Fuel Locator, and the MasterCard Merchant Locator.