The MasterCard Business Prepaid Card


MasterCard Business Prepaid Card

The MasterCard Business Prepaid Card is a single card solution that can be used to pay for a variety of business-related expenses including:

  • Business travel and entertainment
  • Purchasing of goods and services
  • Replacement for petty cash
  • Business meeting and functions
  • Expenditures specific to projects
  • Invitation travel
  • Per diems for consultants and temporary employees
  • Relocation

The MasterCard Business Prepaid Card can be used as a stand-alone program or to supplement a commercial charge card, credit card, or debit card program and is company funded.

The MasterCard Business Prepaid Card is best for

  • Companies wanting more cost-effective method of payment versus cash or checks
  • Employees who do not meet the Company’s criteria to receive a charge, credit, or debit card
  • Companies who do not yet qualify for a charge or credit card

Features and Benefits

Reduce High Costs

  • Reduce administrative costs by replacing check and cash transactions with cost-effective electronic payments
  • Generate increased float
  • Enforce spending policies
  • Better control of funds through spending limits and limiting employee access to cash and certain merchant through merchant category code blocking
  • Better information to manage expenses through Smart Data solutions

Streamline Processes
  • Decrease paperwork associated with issuing checks and cash
  • Convenience of Instant issue cards simplifies payment of unexpected or last minute expenses

Benefits for the Employee
  • Ability to keep track of spending with purchase statements that come with every card payment
  • POS and ATM acceptance worldwide
  • Safer and more convenient than cash or traveler’s checks
  • Can be used online or over the phone
  • Spend company’s money instead of their own for company related expenses
  • Global recognition, security and protection

Implement the MasterCard Business Prepaid Card Program
  • Your issuer partners with you to manage your Relocation Card program by enrolling employees, distributing cards and providing ongoing support.

Business Resources

The MasterCard Business Prepaid Card Brochure

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