Quantum Computing

MARCH 2020 | Mastercard Digital future & mastercard labs

From 5G to cryptocurrency, the global landscape for payments and commerce is undergoing a profound shift that will reshape the face of our business and reach every corner of the digital market. In a new monthly series, Signals, we’ll be digging into the driving forces and trends that shape our future and the innovation initiatives that will transform our communities and businesses for the better.

The first post in this series focuses on quantum computing, a technology born from the breakthrough of subatomic particle isolation. The resulting quantum bits deliver astonishing computational power and are exponentially faster than our most powerful supercomputers.

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize systems modeling and solve the most complex optimization problems. Quantum cryptography could, in theory, leverage unique mechanical properties to enable groundbreaking new encryption methods.

 While no one can see the future with perfect clarity, new technology is constantly stretching the realm of possibility, and we believe innovation’s only true limit is the scope of human imagination. We’re proud to play a role in forging these innovations, not just reacting to them.