Mastercard Signals

Technologies and trends shaping the future of commerce

From 5G to cryptocurrency, the global landscape for payments and commerce is undergoing a profound shift that will reshape the digital economy of tomorrow. Mastercard Signals, examines the transformative innovations, global trends and new behaviors changing the way we shop, sell, interact, and exchange.

Real time payments

In today's economy, business operates at the speed of now. Data moves between partners, on-demand and 24/7. Keeping up with the pace of progress requires money move in real time, too.

  1. From Ancient Rome to the Digital Present 
  2. The Evolving Enterprise
  3. Bridging the Divide

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Money 3.0 

The complexities of the pandemic have primed consumers and businesses around the world to leverage digital and virtual tools in ways we haven’t seen before. As we shift to a new normal, could emerging technologies alter the very nature of money?

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Out of sight. Out of mind.

With each evolution of the consumer checkout experience, the number of steps, clicks and seconds required to complete a transaction has fallen. Now, as payment and shopping decisions fade further into the background, a new canvas for innovation is emerging. 

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