Championing Inclusion of Women

April 11, 2018 | By Beth Kitchener

Inclusion is important to Mastercard. As such, it’s important for us to be engaged in forums where we can help shape that thinking and align our actions with our values.  Mastercard is proud to participate in the annual Women in the World Summit for the fourth year. “We stand for inclusiveness and helping to create brighter futures for all people,” Craig Vosburg, President of North America.

Women in the World has grown into one of the largest, most visible platforms for women to share their stories and discuss the issues that matter the most. Jennifer Rademaker, EVP Global Customer, delivery will sit on a panel on how the future of work will impact women, especially those in the gig economy.

By 2020, it’s expected that about 40% of Americans will be part of the gig economy and women are more likely to participate in the gig economy than men. We need to start thinking about what we can do now to make sure that this changing nature of work evolves in a way that’s positive for everybody.

One recent initiative joins Mastercard with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). ConnectAmericas for Women is a B2B online platform that connects women-owned businesses to private and public procurement and trade opportunities, and helps strengthen their management and export capabilities. ConnectAmericas for Women is launching the #100kChallenge as a way to connect, certify and coach 100,000 women entrepreneurs in the next three years and Mastercard is committed to the cause.

LAC has one of the highest rates of women entrepreneurs in the world, but the vast majority of the companies led by women in the region are unable to grow beyond the “microenterprise” category.

As the workplace and overall marketplace continue to evolve, Mastercard is committed to keeping inclusion at the forefront.

Beth Kitchener