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Where there's hope, there's resilience.


The past few months have been a test of our spirit and endurance. It’s been hard and it’s fair to say there’ll be tough times yet. But through the gloom, there’s hope. And where there’s hope, there’s resilience.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on our societies and economies, and there remains a lot of uncertainty around how our lives will be impacted in the months and possibly years ahead. But in recognizing this uncertainty and that our spheres of control might be limited right now, there is an opportunity for us to pause, reflect and reset — and then keep moving forward.

Athletes struck down by injury take their time to rest and recuperate while developing other strengths — even trying another sport. They invest in themselves so on their first race back, when the starting gun is fired, they can be first out of the blocks.

In the world of business — and within the payments technology industry specifically — our strength lies in a similar approach. Diversified business models keep us strong. Broad and deep insights keep us agile. And the ability to pivot keeps us in the game. So that’s where we’re focusing this month on the Mastercard Newsroom: on the evidence of resilience, avenues of hope, signs that people and businesses, partnerships and capabilities are finding a way forward.

Through human stories, podcasts, photo essays and videos, we explore how digital tools are empowering people to be agents of their financial futures, and how financial education initiatives are driving the next era of inclusion among the often-forgotten parts of society.

We’ll also check in with the next generation of innovators — those who are transforming challenges into opportunities to create more inclusive communities and empower entrepreneurs across the world. They embody our Force for Good ethos within our industry and beyond.

Elsewhere, we’ll show how businesses large and small can bounce back when beset by tragedy through powerful partnerships and innovative technology, and consider how India’s fast-tracked transformation into a digital economy is being felt inside its borders and across the world.

Together, these stories paint a picture of possibilities: those of a brighter, more equal, more sustainable future for everyone. They give us hope that we’ll make it through this era of uncertainty yet. Battered and bruised, perhaps, but stronger and more in control of our financial destinies than we ever were before. 

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