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Making giving an everyday act

Connecting people to their passions has always been our mission. More than ever, that means helping people support the causes they hold dear, and doing it in a way that is safe, simple and seamless – whether by donating through their bank app, rounding up at the register, or simply typing #donate on social media. Harnessing technology to transform generosity into an everyday act can have a huge cumulative impact – we’ve seen 60% growth in year-over-year consumer donations via our donation platforms. Climate change, racial inequality, world hunger, cancer research – the need for action is great, and so is the human desire to make a difference. Bringing these two together is how we Start Something Priceless.


Mastercard Donate App

A new roundup feature and mobile app lets shoppers give through everyday purchases. This builds on the company’s longstanding commitment to supporting causes and delivering impact at scale.

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COVID-19 Response
The Network Effect: Collaborating to serve communities in need

The Angeleno Campaign has distributed $25 million in assistance since the start of the pandemic. Now the program is scaling to eight cities and two states nationwide.

Covid-19 Response
An #LALOVE story: How the city got aid to its most vulnerable citizens in just 8 days

As the enormity of the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, the City of Los Angeles needed to help its most vulnerable citizens. Here's how Mastercard and a non-profit helped L.A. launch a relief program in 8 days.

COVID-19 Response
Power wheels: Lyft drivers pivot to help essential workers

Having access to affordable, reliable transportation takes on new meaning in the pandemic

Empowering generosity anywhere, anytime: How tech is transforming how we give

By making it easy and safe to connect people to the causes they care deeply about, technology becomes a force multiplier for social good.

Mastercard Supports Relief Efforts Across the U.S. for California Wildfires and Hurricane Laura

With more than 650 wildfires in California having burned over 1.5 million acres and Hurricane Laura striking Louisiana and Texas, causing massive destruction and flooding, help is needed urgently.

Mastercard Donate Offers Consumers More Ways to Give Back

New roundup feature and mobile app will allow for giving through everyday purchases. Builds on company’s longstanding commitment to supporting causes and delivering impact at scale.

1 year ago
We're furthering our commitment to our cause partners by providing new options for seamless digital giving so cardholders can donate on their own terms. Learn more at give.mastercard.com
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