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Faces of Resilience

We know life will get easier soon, but until then, we need to find sources of strength.

We are 10 months into the global pandemic, with a vaccine on the horizon but with rising COVID-19 cases worldwide. We know life will get easier soon, but until then, we need to find sources of strength.

Many of us are turning to technology. Streaming services keep us entertained, online ordering keeps food flowing to our homes, and video conferencing platforms such as Zoom help us connect with work colleagues and loved ones.

Technology has been even more important to businesses; it’s been the key to helping them build the resiliency they’ve needed to survive, and even thrive, during these dark days. Almost overnight stores had to move to online ordering. Cash quickly had to be replaced with digital payments. And governments turned to payment platforms to build fast, new ways to help get financial relief to their citizens.

This month, we are celebrating these stories of resiliency. We’ll look at how kiosk owners in Africa are using digital tools to access new credit services and grow their businesses. We’ll talk to fledgling small business owners who were forced by the pandemic to pivot to digital commerce, finding new purpose in the shift. And we’ll feature Mastercard employees who are stepping outside of their comfort zones to help adapt payment technology to our new reality and make sure we bring the benefits of the digital economy to everyone, no matter who they are or where they live.

While the world may never be the same, we know we are approaching something closer to what we used to consider normal. As we approach a new phase of the pandemic, we know the right tools are in place to help us reach for the finish line.

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