Mastercard supports fintechs and start-ups

March 27, 2023 | Istanbul, Turkey

With its Fintech Express program, Mastercard offers accelerated turnkey solutions to fintech and startups that want to integrate payment features into their products.

Aiming to create a cashless society, Mastercard continues to share its leading payment technologies with the entire ecosystem. The Fintech Express program accelerates issuing capability through its Licensed Prepaid Issuers who have become Qualified Mastercard Fintech Express Partners support fintech in growing their businesses.

Aiming to support SMEs, fintech and start-ups, which have an important place in the Turkish economy, in every field, Mastercard is now expanding its scope of support to prepaid card companies and fintechs. With its innovative products, Mastercard has been supporting licensed e-money institutions and fintechs in implementing successful applications in the field of payments, especially prepaid card issuance, for years. Mastercard has now developed the Fintech Express program in order to facilitate the partner search process of fintechs and to meet their desire to get to the market fast in the sector that is growing every year and increasing competition in Turkey. The program also aims to mediate the access of licensed institutions to new markets by increasing their awareness at the global level. 

Fast prepaid card

Fintech Express programına katılan fintek ve start-up’lar “Fast Track” özelliğiyle haftalar içerisinde ön ödemeli kart ürünlerini pazara sunma imkanına sahip oluyor ve rekabetçi ortamda farklılaşabiliyor. Program, “hizmet olarak platform” sunan lisanslı kart üreticilerinin ön ödemeli kart ihracı sırasındaki süreçlerini ön onaylı hale getirerek, her bir fintek ve/veya start-up iş birliği için harcanan süreyi optimize ediyor.

Fintechs and start-ups participating in the Fintech Express program have the opportunity to offer their prepaid card products to the market within weeks with the "Fast Track" feature and can differentiate themselves in a competitive environment. The program optimizes the time spent on each fintech and/or start-up collaboration by pre-approving the processes during the issuance of prepaid cards by licensed card manufacturers offering “platform as a service”.

The program, which aims to increase the cooperation between fintechs and licensed card manufacturers offering "platform as a service", offers different Mastercard products to the use of fintechs and start-ups as well as fast card issuance. 

Both training and discount opportunities

Today, especially for fintechs and start-ups who come from different verticals and aim to offer financial solutions within their organization, Mastercard gives importance to obtaining information about the world of payments and Mastercard processes, and also provides training opportunities to companies. Startups participating in the Fintech Express program can benefit from Mastercard Academy courses to improve their businesses and increase their knowledge about the payments industry. In addition, they can benefit from the MasterSME platform, which consists of various discounts and advantages offered by Mastercard for SMEs.

Masterpass integration and cyber security solutions

Fintechs participating in the program can also receive fast and secure payments by quickly integrating Mastercard's card storage infrastructure, Masterpass. With Mastercard's masking technology, Masterpass, which prevents the consumer's information from coming out, also makes it easier for consumers to complete their payments without any problems.

Supporting fintechs on cyber security issues that have been on the agenda lately, Mastercard also provides security support to fintechs with its cyber security services RiskRecon and Threat Scan.

As fintechs continue to grow, their economic impact is visibly increasing. Widespread digital technologies reduce the costs of financial products and services, while increasing efficiency gains throughout the economy, enabling users to be more adaptable to their unique needs. Mastercard also continues to support fintechs in every field, which ensures the spread of products and services to all segments of society, with its contribution to expanding the sphere of influence of financial inclusion.

Fintech Express opportunities are as follows;

  • Fintech Express is the core benefit of Fintech Suite which enables Start-ups/Fintechs to issue cards within days through a Qualified Express Partner
  • Free Mastercard Academy Courses for Fintechs/Start Ups aiming to familiarize them with Mastercard’s Payment Business and increase know-how
  • Annual Trends & Insights Presentations for Program partners
  • Access to Mastercards Cyber Security Solutions such as Risk Reckon, Thread ScanAccess to MasterKobi special discount packages for Fintechs
  • Access to Mastercards Digital Solutions, such as Masterpass Enrollment services

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