Behind - and beyond - the transaction

November 30, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to change how we live, work and interact, Mastercard is focused on helping people and businesses weather these challenging times. We are ensuring our network remains secure, resilient and reliable, and we are applying our technology, philanthropy, and data science expertise to rebuild healthy communities and ensure that everyone benefits from economic growth.

Since March, consumers increasingly have been seeking out touch-free transactions. Whether buying online or in person, it has never been easier to safely shop for the products and services we all need. Today, Mastercard connects more than 40 million businesses with 25,000 consumer banks, creating a safe and secure network that streamlines transactions and protects data worldwide. Operating faster than the blink of an eye, Mastercard handles up to 10,000 transactions in any given second, all while moving $20 billion in more than 150 currencies each day.

As the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of electronic payments, Mastercard has also been working with businesses and consumers to deliver innovative solutions that extend beyond the card, and we are working tirelessly to ensure our financial system is inclusive.