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Virtual accounts.
Real control.

Revolutionise corporate purchasing with enhanced controls, increased efficiencies and better reporting.


In Control™ for Commercial Payments is a powerful solution to help streamline payments by enabling users to create and manage unique, dynamically generated virtual account numbers in order to make payments to their suppliers for goods and services.


Programme control

Sets benchmark for excellence with dynamically-generated, single use accounts. Maximises security with a robust set of innovative controls.


Simplifies reconciliation and ability to achieve 100% transaction matching. More transaction data results in better insights to optimise the programme.


Integrates with AP systems for seamless processing. Handles global programmes with AP departments in multiple countries.

Program Admins can set up, adjust and manage the controls required for their company

Manage purchase templates, groups and types for complete control and oversight for the virtual cards programme.

Payment Control and Audit reports for complete visibility of virtual card activity

Reporting on virtual card requests, authorisations and clearing for activity monitoring and reconciliation.

Email communication can be customised for virtual card request confirmations or status information

Create and manage Virtual Account Numbers

Create and manage Virtual Account Numbers Explanation: dynamically-generated, unique account numbers associated with specific payments not employees or departments.

Automated reconciliation

VCN data available for reconciliation reporting.

Enhanced Data

Information important to each individual payment can be incorporated in to the transaction.