Get Mastercard Identity Check for stronger authentication

As a merchant, you accept more and more payments digitally every day, yet you need to ensure that every transaction is secure. Mastercard Identity Check leverages the latest authentication standards of EMV® 3-D Secure (replacing 3DS 1.0) to complete more transactions without disruption.

Helps eliminate unnecessary friction during authentication


Supports all card-not-present channels for secure payments on any device


Enables the exchange of richer data between you and financial institutions


Covers recurring payments, digital wallets, tokenization, and more


Ready to help you get started

Mastercard Identity Check, backed by EMV 3-D Secure, optimizes the digital payment experience through:


A global network

With best-in-class fraud detection, our network facilitates a rich data exchange and authenticates billions of secure transactions every year.


Ongoing innovation

We continually evolve in areas such as biometrics, risk-based authentication, artificial intelligence, and behavioral analytics.


Plug-and-play biometrics

A biometric solution helps secure digital payments via strong two-factor authentication.


A simple path

Implementation process built on proven success reduces resource needs and time to market.



With Mastercard Identity Check, you can:

  • Enhance the digital payment experience
  • Help eliminate unnecessary friction
  • Decrease online shopping cart abandonment and improve conversion rates
  • Drive approval rates and transaction growth
  • Improve loyalty and engagement with your customers

Begin implementing stronger security standards today, with Mastercard Identity Check

*Dates are subject to change.