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Our Commitment

More than ever, today's consumer needs help to secure their financial future.

Our business has positioned MasterCard at the center of commerce – and we accept the responsibility that comes with this position in the global marketplace. At MasterCard, we take responsibility for creating new opportunities for people to thoughtfully and knowledgeably participate in the global economy.

We strongly believe that no one should be shut out of the global economy because of a lack of financial knowledge. Personal financal management is for anyone.

That's why we've created a range of tailored financial education programs in several markets around the world–from smart money management for young adults; to security for cardholders and their banks; to budget management for the unbanked and underbanked. Each of these programs is designed to be a catalyst for financial inclusion, and are delivered in an interactive, personal and engaging way—whether it's through an online portal, new mobile technology or hands-on in the community.

Our Culturally Sensitive Approach

With years of experience behind us, we already know: there is no one-size-fits-all solution to financial education.

Taking the Fear Out of Personal Finance

No one should have to live in fear of their finances.

Inspiring Action

A secure financial future begins with one positive step.

Featured Programs

We are committed to financial education around the world — that's why we've created a range of financial education programs tailored to consumers in several global markets.

Budget Basics

Australia, New Zealand

The MasterCard Budget Basics website and its related brochures educate consumers and students on smart budgeting practices.

Junior Achievement — Young Enterprise

Czech Republic, Sweden, Turkey, Belgium, and Hungary

For over a decade, MasterCard has worked with Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise to deliver a financial skills curriculum to students and has contributed over $1 million for the development and implementation of programs for young people throughout the world.

Peace of Mind

United States

MasterCard developed Peace of Mind educational materials that teach consumers how to protect themselves from fraud in several, easy-to-follow tips.

Money 4 You


Together with the Indian Banks Association and India Cards Council, the Money 4 You web portal shares smart financial tips with young adults just entering the workforce.

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Success Story

Success Story

MasterCard Worldwide gave $1 million to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to support programs for students in across the U.S.

Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion

Parents can make back-to-school shopping less stressful — but planning ahead is critical.

Tools & Tips

To help consumers save well and spend wisely, MasterCard has created a site full of tools, resources, tips, links and more to help consumers keep their financial life pointed in the right direction.




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