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The Mastercard Artist Accelerator is an exclusive development program that will harness Web3 and blockchain technologies to prepare five emerging artists with the tools, skills and access to forge their own paths in the digital economy. A first-of-its-kind curriculum will teach both artists and fans how to build (and own) their brand — from minting NFTs on the blockchain to representing themselves in virtual worlds. By leveraging various Web3 platforms and services, the program is able to create a new community. ‎

The artist engagement aspect of the program kicks off in spring of 2023. To stay up-to-date on program announcements, sneak peeks and more, click the “Sign up for updates” on this page.‎‎

Click the “Sign up for updates” button on this page to receive any upcoming program announcements, sneak peeks and more.‎

No, we’re making the Artist Accelerator experience as simple as possible so everyone can participate! We will have a variety of content for everyone to engage with.‎

To build the accelerator’s Web3 platform, Mastercard is leveraging the technology of leading blockchain development company Polygon. To learn more about Polygon visit‎

As part of the Mastercard Artist Accelerator we will release the Mastercard Music Pass, a limited time release NFT. This token will give holders access to exclusive Web3 x music educational materials, unique tools through our collaborations, and Priceless experiences in real life, and the Metaverse.

No, it's not live. We will announce it here once it's available. Other links saying it is should be avoided.