Digital and online merchants expect flexibility

Deliver a simple, seamless checkout experience

We know businesses differ. What works for one model may not work for another. So we’ve made it easy for you to use our payment gateway by giving you a variety of ways to connect your site with our gateway. Our payment integration methods use the latest technology and enable you to implement with ease: from hosted checkouts that reduce cart abandonment and remove the need to handle sensitive bank card data to payment plugins to developer-friendly options that give the merchant more control.

Hosted payment options

Provide varying degrees of flexibility and control and reduce your PCI overhead and exposure to risk while offering best-in-class checkout experiences.

hosted payments

Web services API

Enables you to integrate quickly and easily with complete control using our comprehensive, developer-friendly API, available online in multiple languages.

Batch services

Allows merchants to securely and reliably submit transaction batches to the gateway for processing without direct payer interaction.

Shopping cart plugins

Offer flexibility with gateway connectivity to a variety of popular e-commerce platforms.

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