Help your small business customers navigate the unknown


We've been anticipating e-commerce and digital sales would represent a large majority of our future in the payment industry.

However, these unprecedented times are escalating adoption rates and quickly identifying which businesses are truly ready to adapt and thrive. Here at Mastercard Payment Gateway Services we are committed to helping our partners stay safe, withstand this threat and support small businesses.

With most in-person stores closed, small businesses need to get online quickly. However, moving a business online isn’t easy in today’s ever-evolving payments landscape.

Small business owners are looking for support from their Acquirer bank. Here's how you can help.

Our partnerships in action

Learn how our partnership with Standard Bank is empowering their small business customers.

Leverage our digital technology

Building and maintaining an in-house solution takes a significant, ongoing investment. Integrating our online payment services for small businesses saves money and time.

Secure their business

Offer your small business customers a PCI-certified product that keeps their data safe while simplifying their PCI compliance requirements. That gives everyone peace of mind.

Ready to learn more?

Learn how you can expand your relationship with your small business customers.