Small business is a big opportunity

Benefit from simplifying payments for small businesses

Small business is booming. Online sales continue to grow. Competition is springing up everywhere, looking for a piece of the pie. Yet a small business has different needs, and your current offering may not work for them. What if you could white label a simple, secure online payment solution and provide the payment features small businesses need to sell their goods and services effectively? What if you could rely on a trusted payments leader to provide the technologically advanced small business payment acceptance platform?

Leverage our digital technology

Building and maintaining an in-house solution takes a significant, ongoing investment. Integrating our online payment services for small businesses saves money and time.

Secure their business

Offer your small business customers a PCI-certified product that keeps their data safe while simplifying their PCI compliance requirements. That gives everyone peace of mind.

Ready to learn more?

Learn how you can expand your relationship with your small business customers.